How Princess Diana always managed to look radiant: 6 tricks from her makeup artist

Princess Diana look radiant

The late Princess Diana won hearts everywhere with her beauty and grace. From her fairytale wedding to her gorgeous red carpet appearance, she always looked radiant, even in the most trying circumstances. And now, thanks to exclusive interviews with two of her former makeup artists, we have an unprecedented glimpse into how she crafted flawless looks that continue to inspire us today.

Pink or nude shades of lipstick

Scarlet and dark brown shades are not the best colors for royalty. Also, these colors can make people look tired on the face or have imperfect tones. So Mary Greenwell always chose soft pink or nude tones for Princess Diana. “Pay attention to the texture: it should look as natural as possible on the lips, not be too shiny or too matte,” makeup artist Lady Dee told British publication Harper’s Bazaar.

Flawless complexion

Mary Greenwell says to use foundations that look like your skin color and are natural. So for Lady Di, she first used matte tonal foundations and then liquid ones. She also applied concealer to Diana’s skin: darker, like skin tone, to hide imperfections, and light – for the area around the eyes.

Lack of contouring

Lady Dee does not like contouring makeup. She says it does not look good on everyone and sometimes makes people look bad instead of hiding their flaws. However, her makeup artist sometimes uses bronzing powder to make the princess’ cheekbones look better. In addition, she uses a broad brush, moving from the middle of her ear to the corner of her mouth. This technique makes the princess look fresh and also makes her face look narrower.

Cream blush

Greenwell only chose cream textures if the princess wanted to use blush. Cream textures look more natural on the skin. Greenwell applied Mary’s blush with her finger and not with a brush. She shaded them nicely.

Subtle and shimmery eyes

Mary Greenwell often used light shades of eye shadows, such as pink or beige. She also preferred to use glittering textures for the princess’ eyes, making them look brighter. Lady Dee also advises avoiding too much black eyeliner on the upper lid; instead, opt for more neutral colors like brown or gray. This technique looks more natural and subtle.

Soft smokey eyes

Lady Dee believes that light shadows are always better for the eyes. So, again, she uses matte and liquid tonal foundations instead of dark shades. Princess Diana used beige and pink shades to create a natural look and added some shimmering powders to emphasize the shape of her eyes. She applied eyeliner but never let it touch the corner of her eyes.

No matter what look the princess was going for. She always managed to look glowing and beautiful. With these few tips from her makeup artists, we can all learn about achieving the same look for ourselves!