Eternal youth: makeup with a lifting effect

look more lifted

The search for eternal youth is a centuries-old quest that has produced countless treatments, potions, and services designed to turn back the clock. But are these solutions constructive in having an everlasting youthful face? Read on to learn how to achieve your perfect look without filling out forms or injections!

Plays of light: lifting makeup technique

As we get older, our skin becomes less clear and duller. Our features become less defined, and our skin becomes flabby. The lines around our eyes and lips become more pronounced. It means we need to use a different range of colors when doing our makeup. We should remember dark shades and bright colors. If we choose the right colors proportionally, we can achieve the desired effect of looking younger. Start by making the nasolabial fold, chin, lowered corners of the mouth, and the inner corner of the eyes lighter. Thanks to such simple manipulations, you can look five years younger. Applying a moderate amount of cosmetics is essential because too much can only emphasize wrinkles.

If bags are under the eyes, use concealer to cover them up. The light-reflecting base will make your skin look natural and glowy. You can also add a small highlighter to your foundation for a similar effect. The foundation should be beige or light peach. To apply it, use a special sponge. Choose a shimmering blush to look fresh and rested. Peach or apricot shades are good choices. Look for products with a liquid consistency instead of the usual creamy blush. You can also use a bronzer to make your cheekbones look higher. The main rule is that all lines should go up because they will make your features look better and more lifted.

Eye makeup with an anti-age effect

To make your eyes look more expressive, lift the corners of your eyes. The easiest way is to use a brown or gray pencil. Thanks to the shades of pastel shades, your skin will look fresh. If you can’t refuse the arrows, draw them from the inner corner, rising slightly at the edge.

lifting makeup technique

Your eyebrows should be the same color as your hair and raised. It will make you look more awake. Use two mascaras for eyelashes: black for the upper ones and brown for the lower ones. Buy mascaras that will make your lashes longer or give them more volume.

Lip makeup with a lifting effect

It is best to choose natural warm shades and slightly wet textures. Moisturizing lipsticks and sheer or shimmery glosses are excellent choices. Avoid cold, pale, and burgundy shades. You can make the outline clearer with a pencil. Its tone should not be darker than the color of lipstick.

In conclusion, to achieve a youthful appearance with makeup, you must work on the lines and features. Choose pastel shades that will make your skin look natural and bright. Pay attention to your eyes and lips, applying products that highlight the shape of your face. Applying makeup to emphasize your features is vital for achieving an everlasting youthful look. With the right products and a few tips, you can be sure that your makeup will help you look younger!